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Friday The 13th: Apartment Crawl 2017


Hello all!

To start off another great year, let’s take a look at our most successful event from this past semester: our Halloween-themed Apartment Crawl: Friday the 13th!

Tons of you came out to drink and party with all of us at McGill Students for China Care as we hosted a three-apartment crawl through Montréal’s lower plateau. There were costumes, cocktails, and loads of drinking games…we’re so grateful that everyone who attended had a fantastic time, and tickets – as always – went towards helping orphaned children in need.

Keep your eyes peeled for another drinking event in 2018…


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BB…Tea for Two? [Sponsored by Nos Thés]


To kick off 2017, McGill Students for China Care hosted a themed event for Valentines Day – a twist on our annual classic: Bubble Tea & Board Games! Thanks again to our gracious sponsor Nos Thés, we were able to host a successful event for couples and friends alike, and had a great time doing it!

Our guests played cards, Monopoly, Werewolf and more…all while feasting on snacks and delicious bubble tea. It was a night for all to enjoy, and a great way to relax and be social before the inevitable stress of midterm exams and papers.

We’d of course like to thank everyone who came out to support McGill Students for China Care, and we can’t wait to see you at our next event!

Every ticket purchase goes towards helping children in need. Thank you for making a difference.