Executive Committee 2018-2019

Baya Faure | Co-President 
Hey! My name is Baya and I’m a U3 student in International Development. I am thrilled to be one of the co-presidents for China Care this year! I cannot wait to make this a memorable year 🙂
22850156_1137587113044899_635913983_o Linnea Munroe | Co-President
Hi, my Name is Linnea and I’m a u1 student in life sciences. I’m pleased to be Co-President this year! I have a close connection to MCSS’s cause as I was once sponsored when I was an orphan in China. I’m super excited to be a part of this amazing group!
Lisa Zhu | Playgroup Co-Director
Hey, I’m Lisa and I’m a second year student in life sciences! I love to paint, run and binge YouTube. I’m eager to provide support to orphans in China and to link Chinese culture to children here in Montreal. The food, art and language doesn’t have to be a 13 hour flight away!
Kevin Kang | Playgroup Co-Director
Hi! I’m Kevin and I am a third year student studying anatomy and cell biology! I am so excited to be one of the Playgroup Co-Directors for this year and having the opportunity to plan activities for young orphans to learn new aspects of their culture!
Sophie McIntyre | Playgroup Co-Director
Hello! My name is Sophie and I am a fourth-year chemistry student. I’m really happy to be a co-director for the Playgroup Sessions because I think it’s super important that adopted children have a connection to their Chinese heritage. It is always a joy to meet the parents and the young girls. Cheers!
22831210_1529974380429331_2039949898_o Jessica Chan | VP Events
Hi! My name is Jessica Chan and I am one of the VP Events this year! I am in my third year studying Cognitive Science and I am so excited to be working with MSCC this year. In my free time I like to roleplay as a burrito in my bed, and explore the city of Montreal! Cheers to a great year ahead. 🙂
Nicholas Wong | VP Events
Hi, my name is Nick, I’m currently studying immunology and I am one of your VP events this year. I’m excited to plan fun events for you all this year!
22901511_882786142059174_1029154105_n Natalie Tai | VP Events
Hey! My name is Natalie Tai and I’m one of the VP Events this year!! I’m a fourth year student studying Microbiology & Immunology. It’s my second year as an exec on MSCC and I’m excited to meet everyone and see you all at the events and play sessions!! When I’m not living in McLennan, I’m usually either at home taking a nap or eating at a fun random restaurant with my friends 🙂 Looking forward to a great year ahead!
Yifei Yao | VP Events
Hey I’m Yifei, another VP Events. I’m a fourth-year Sociology student who have passed the stage of “let’s change the world” but still want to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Being with MSCC has definitely given me the chance to do so. The volunteering experience I had with the playgroup is so precious and memorable that I cannot wait for what lies ahead.
Kailin Summers | VP External
Hi, my name is Kailin, I’m a U2 student studying Cognitive Science. I am one of the VP externals this year. I look forward to meeting everyone. Cheers to a great year ahead!
Jing Wang | VP External 
Hi, my name is Jing Wang and I am the VP external this year for MSCC. I grew up in Shenzhen, China, and later moved to Toronto for my high school. This is my second year at McGill, and I am studying political science under faculty of arts. I am very excited about this year ahead and I would love to make more friends!
Thomas Zhang | VP Internal 
Hi my name is Thomas and this is my 4th year with MSCC! I love hanging out with our playgroup babies and I can’t wait to host more exciting events for you guys!
Eva Yuan | VP Communications
Hey! My name is Eva and I am in my third year studying anatomy and cell biology. I am so excited to be your VP Communication this year! Keep track of our listserv’s and come hangout at our events for good cause. I love cooking, traveling and exploring good food and restaurants wherever I go. Looking forward to a great year ahead! 🙂
Gene Lin | VP Finance
Hi I’m Gene, a U3 accounting major who wants to further the cause of the One Sky Foundation by being a part of MSCC. I look forward to all the events that MSCC has planned for this upcoming school year. It’s gonna be a blast!
Emma Yin | VP Media
Hey, my name is Emma and I’m a U1 Computer Science & Economics student. I’m super thrilled to join MSCC this year! In my free time, I like to draw and cook noodles. I’m so glad to be here to support an awesome cause!
Chris Jin | First Year Representative
Hey! I am Aichen, you can also call me Chris! I’m a U0 student in Science and also the first year rep for this year! I cannot wait to work with MSCC!
Susan Zhang | First Year Representative
Hello! My name is Susan and I am First Year Representative this year! I am a U0 student in Education. Making friends, travelling, trying new things and helping others always make me feel good! I am so excited to work with a group of warm people to make fantastic change in children’s lives by offering them wonderful Chinese cultural experience and providing financial support! Looking forward a good year ahead of us!