What Is Playgroup?

In Montreal, adopted Chinese children growing up in Francophone and Anglophone families have few opportunities to reconnect with their Chinese roots. Playgroup, also known as the Bao Bei (宝贝 – precious in Chinese) program, is the community outreach program of McGill Students for China Care. Our regular playgroups aim to expose these children to a fun environment where they can learn more about Chinese culture.

Playgroup sessions are generally held every other Sunday from 2:30 to 4:00 in the SSMU building (3480 McTavish) at McGill’s downtown campus. Children ages 4 and up are educated about their heritage through: arts and crafts, Chinese plays and songs, Chinese food, traditional festivals, and basic spoken and written Mandarin. However, any other ideas that you would look to put forward are extremely welcome.

Our many dedicated volunteers are eager to put forth their time and creativity in sharing Chinese culture with you and your children!