Past Sessions

Playgroup Itineraries 2013-2014

November 17
Theme: China
Word of the Day : “China” – in Chinese: 中国 ( Zhōngguó )
Race around China ( game like ” amazing race “)
Group song

November 3
Theme: Autumn
Word of the Day : ” Autumn ” – in Chinese: 秋 ( Qiu )
Autumn Festival
DIY – Autumn
Treasure Hunt ( with candy )
Group song

October 20
Theme: Asian Animals
Game – to remember names
Word of the Day : ” the dragon ” – in Chinese: 龙 ( lóng )
Presentation of Asian animals ( panda, dragon and phoenix )
DIY – paper bag in animals
Active game
Group song

September 29
Theme: Lunar Festival
Game – to remember names
Word of the Day : ” the moon” – in Chinese: 月 ( yue )
History of the Lunar Festival
DIY – make your own lantern
Eat moon cakes
Group song

Playgroup Itineraries 2012-2013

January 27
Theme: Numbers
Game – green light , red light
Lesson for numbers (1-5 ) in Chinese
Coloriez par numéro
Group song

February 10
Theme: Chinese New Year
Revision numbers (1-5)
Learn how to say ” Happy Chinese New Year ” in Mandarin
Explanation of the traditions of Chinese New Year
DIY – accordion snake
Treasure hunt
Group song and goodbye!

February 24
Theme : Weather
Learn how to say “storm” , “sun” , “rain”, “snow”
Craft – weather themed mobile
Game – duck duck goose
Game – hot potato
Group song

March 17
Theme: animals
Drawing activity
Make origami animals
Group song

April 7
Theme: food
Make mochi
Learn how to say “green”, “goodbye”, “hello”
Game – Simon says
Group song

Overview of Playgroup Winter 2011

Playgroup Baobei 1: Arts and Inventions
Playgroup Baobei 2: Chinese New Year
Playgroup Baobei 3: Language Workshop
Playgroup Baobei 4: Terra Cotta Army
Playgroup Baobei 5: Museum Outing

Memorable Moments:

  • Teaching the Chinese song – Congratulations 恭喜恭喜恭喜你 (gōng xǐ gōng xǐ gōng xǐ nǐ)
    This is a traditional children’s song sung during Chinese New Year’s.
  • Making Terra Cotta Army Soldiers
    In preparation for our museum outing to see the exhibition on the terra cotta army, the children were introduced to the story of the army and given the opportunity to make their own soldiers out of clay.

Overview of Playgroup Fall 2010

Playgroup Baobei 1: Dragon Boat Festival
Playgroup Baobei 2: Mid-Autumn Festival
Playgroup Baobei 3: China’s Landmarks
Playgroup Baobei 4: Journey to the West
Playgroup Baobei 5: Dim Sum Outing

Memorable Moments

  • What is your name and where are you from?
    We believe that one’s Chinese name is important to one’s identity. Therefore we taught the children how to write their Chinese names and showed them which province they are from in China.
  • Eating Moon Cake
    Moon cake 月饼(yuè bǐng) is a traditional dessert eaten during Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节(zhōng qiū jié). Moon cakes are usually round, countributing to the idea of being “united” and “whole”. They are most commonly filled with lotus seed paste and contain a salted duck egg yolk. There are many stories behind the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival and moon cakes.
  • Introducing Chinese fashion from different dynasties and ethnic groups
    We introduced the fashion of the ethnic groups Mongolia 蒙古(měng gǔ), Hui 回(huí), Tibet 藏(zàng) and Yao 瑶(yáo), as well as a couple dynasties from the Three Kingdoms 三国(sān guó), Tang 唐(táng) and Qing 清(qīng).